Romeo & Juliet Lyrics

I´m not your Juliet, and you´re not Romeo
But I will love you baby, time will show

I´ll give you everything, and that´s no compromise
See my broken wings to your alibies
Crying 90 tears, no sacrifice
Broken souvenirs in paradise
Oh, I never promised you love
Oh, when my heart is not enough
Oh, it´s like an ocean of love to me
I´m not your Romeo and you´re not Juliet
After the curtain falls, i´ll drive you mad
Oh, baby heaven, just sweet heaven has sent you
I´m not your Romeo and you´re not Juliet
But I will love you, love you, love you, drive you mad
Oh, baby there will never be another you

Love on the telephone, it´s killing me
I´ll sail my ship alone, old memory
Back to Babylon, in my fantasy
Gonna lock my heart and loosing the key Oh, I never...
I´m not your Romeo...
I´m not your Romeo...
Another you, another you
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