Tsunami a Wave of Love Lyrics

the way you calm my soul
and then you store it up
the way you thrill my heart
and then you lift it up
its like a wave
that sways me all around
just let me throw along
and let me write the wave

the day you touched my hand
and then you opened up my eyes
the day you reached my heart
i saw no one but you

that feeling grew
and i pray our love would last
just let me be with you
so close to your heart

you cast a spell on me
i cant control myself
dont ever let this magic

enchanted by the rush of waves
oohh my destiny
we shall be one
ohh what a feeling
so blown away
im blinded yet
i see so clear
you toss me and tease me
anywhere you like
i know
im head over heels

ohh what a feeling
so swept away
this urge of love
keeps coming back
you wrap me and please me
anywhere you like

ill search for your love
as deep as the sea
i will..

(repeat chor then..)

as long as i live
ill give you my heart
i do

like the waves in the sea
encircle my love
for you..

i love you i do
forever my heart
is true.. x2
Thanks to (Malachi) for correcting these lyrics. Jul 18, 2008
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