Baby Stay Lyrics

Don't you wanna stay and share joy we have inside
I know you think I'm just taking you for a ride
But baby take a look at me and see
That I'm in love with you
Don't you ever go, I want you here by me
Baby stay, I want you here by me
Don't you ever go, your love is all I need
Baby stay, I'll give you all the loving that you need
Don't you ever go I want you here by me
I saw you pack your bag and put them outside,
I guess you're leaving me,
I don't want to say good-bye,
But if you ever change your mind
Although I'm hurting
Always know I will never change
I want you here by me

Time after time we rise and fall
Yet still always our hearts will conquer all
Know this my love, know this my love
We still care
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New Day (2003)
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