What If Lyrics

What if, every guy I saw
What if, was sittin' down at the bar
What if, I told him to give me a call
What if, what if, what if, what if
What if, every guy in the place
What if, was all up in my face
What if, what would you say
What if, what if, what if, what if

you're the jealous man
one who doesn't understand
that i'm attractive so of course men want to take my hand
and lead me off round the corner or maybe to their place
but when they speak you get mad jumping all up in they face
but on the other hand when women come and speak to you
you kiss and hug them like it's something that you let me do
you're only jealous 'cause you know that ish you put me through
i might turn right around and do that bull s*** to you

you're the lying dude
one who doesn't know the rules
if you goin' cheat burn the receipt from the hotel room
but instead you're up in my face saying you were at friends
but they all call asking me where the hell you been
why they keep treatin' us this way
i guess it's a new game we play
we'll play,
we'll cut you (oh)
we'll kill you (oh)
we don't have to take it no more

[Chorus: x2]


[Chorus: x3]
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