Never No More Lyrics

I gave it all to you
With no questions asked
I wanted a future
Who cares about my past?
The first argument
You up and left
I seen a change in you
Words I won't except
I thought I lost you
When you twist back my arm
Cause the man I thought I knew
Wouldn't do me no harm
And that ran through my mind, over again
I promised myself you wouldn't put your hands on me again
Never No More

I didn't sleep that night
I held my pillow tight
Now trust me when I say
You have been told
I'm telling you never to touch me no more
Never No More
I should've left you
When you called me out my name
I stooped to your level
Replied you the same
Know here we are again
You at my throat
Now I see the same old change
That I did before
I walk away from you
At the drop of a dime
So often this treatment
Is way out of line
And that ran through my mind, over and over again
Promised my self you wouldn't put your hands on my again
Never No More
You know I rather give your s***e
Cause I just don't know
Where to run, what to say
Stay out your way, or get in your face
I just know you better not touch me again
Or I'll walk away
This is one game I refuse to play

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