Let's Ride Lyrics

featuring Thorough

[Chorus x2]
Down South we like to

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Get it Crunk! Get it Crunk!
Get Drunk as a skunk and
Get it Crunk! Get it Crunk!
Every Man and Woman
Get it Crunk! Get it Crunk!
Big Ball and G we
Get it Crunk! Get it Crunk!

Calling all pimps and players
We need to unite and get with other player fakers
Hardcore and ain't nothing gone stop that
When it hit the streets real n***** cop that
Down south pimp s*** n**** you know
Who got flow in the cocaine benzo
Preimro yeah fat mack that's me
Chunky with nuts and chocolate like hershey
Punk tricks wanna flex but the truth is
Spage age pimpin pay the m*********** bills
You wanna ride with the Suave House don't ya?
You wann f*** with them hoes who don't even want ya
Check my cup everytime it's full of hen dog
check my chick everytime she a ten dog
Take it how you wann take while I break it down
Orange Mound n**** this is how we clown
[Chorus x2]

Alright you show you got some yak in back let me check it.
anybody scared to get down gone get neglected
Champagne drinking a** n***** gone try to check it
real n***** drink it or not just gone just respected
any b**** who make big money gone get selected
but all hoes who got big mouths gone get ejected
take yo a** back to the spot you rested
I don't a f*** cause you fine and big b******ed
or your brother crazy they say cause he been tested
or way back when you was a child you got molested
we still getting crunk you know it that's why I stress
don't you see theat ring in your face it time to bless it
but b****** wanna ride my wood and try to peck it
crash all into my game and try to wreck it
my game to dame deep trick you can't expect it
MJG from Memphis to Houston, Texas
[Chorus X2]

It's time to come fresh on these n***** cause I'm a blessed n****
Suave House n**** who want the plex n****
Nobody, move parties for a hobby
Then lobby with the hotties and kick the lottie dottie you got me
I'm a hard rapping cat southern mack born and bread
With lyrics that would leave most dead, I'm so close to the edge
That I could jump pop the trunk
Shoot the pump BOOM and give these n***** what they want
Hits for hardcore and soft a****
Hoopties to e-classes cups and blunt ashes I'm mashsin
Down the track doin all the high hats
Bustin at the bass line where the treble at? f*** with that
Live at the show I make em clap
And say go Thorough when they see me rap in fact
I got the knack to make the whole place b**p
grab a drank and don't thank as we commence to get it crunk

[Chorus X2]
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