Barricade all of your fears
and we'll speak to you the truth
if you can't teach me to fly
by god teach me to sing
heaven sent, as i watch the clouds
swallow me whole
the honky tonks have saved my heart
they saved my soul.
Sail on
though she knows not of your face
the sea is a raging mistress
and fear is her maiden name
Hesistation. Figure it out
step up to the fields of the distractions
brace yourself, for i am the overgrown
we've got nowhere to go
but we are all dressed up
40 days alive
we watched it all rise
my thoughts, my heart, my fear
my treasure, my life, my path
my get-to-the-point-don't-make-me-wait
shake it up, i'm restless, less dancing
I am the troubled waters
make no mistake

Here i am
all the stars aligned
thought i found you in a fortress
the stars are aligned
Here i am
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