The future has seen better days
always closed doors
open old sores
makeshift holy ghost
but i need more
it's fair enough to say that i am never walking back
never going out
never shaking hands with lifelessness
but i walk alone with you by my side
you've given me a thousand tries

Headlines. Half Turths. Half life
and it's half used
Golden hearts, silver tongues
slant rhymes and i might be the only one left
I found you in the fire
but you claimed that it kept you warm
my whole thought process
is nothing more than what i say
I never understand the synchronization
of a water down revoltuion
the death of a son
the death of a salesman
the anointed one
so what is there left to say?
everyone's given up
but i was born on a different day
and I drink from a different cup
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