The Sun in My Life Lyrics

I'm killing my memories,
stranded alone within this cruel labyrinth of grief
I'm probing into my soul,
Prey to the shades that bind me to dwell under eternal night...
My world torn asunder, I walk a dark path
No beacon to guide me...

Staring into greyness,
A nightingale doomed to sing his sorrow to the north wind
Caged, unable to realize
My thread's spinning fast, unravelling into this hollow illusion of life...

Were you but a strange dream, a deceiving so real
A snowdrop alone in spring...
You're the sun in my life, the star in my night, the beating I feel in my dreams
Inspiration that comes to my singing and reaches for heavens unknown
I still search for your light though from bliss I'm denied
And in shadows I roam without hope
Gentle sweetness has turned into ice cold,
Barren winter has knocked on my door...
Embers of bright passion glowed in your eyes
The circle is broken, our legacy dies...

Precious sun of my life, guiding star of my night
Beloved beating of my waking dreams
Not a tear will you shed for our love lost,
Crystal shards bound to melt as white snow
You have shattered my heart, stained your soul with my blood
Burnt to ashes the wings of my dream
All the magic has gone with the wind now, but my sacrament will live on...
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