Labyrinth of Glass Lyrics

Fleeing from my rotten thoughts, down I whirled into the spiral
Stifled by guilt and regret, senses drifted afloat nothingness
Foreboding, dawning inside, dragged me in pain towards the Mind's Abyss...
Godlike glassy walls around, beyond, the Waste unchanging
Will-deprived there I stood, just a pale reflection,
A withered soul, my human sins I'm bound to pay...

Wandering lost in this maze, a garden of entombed emotions and dreams,
Is this the sheer truth 'bout the man I used to be?
Condemned to this stillborn plane, my existence has yet ceased to be,
My inner self once drenched with life is now drained to the lee...
Walking down the silent streets, hollow witness of my own decay
I failed my chance a man to be, pledged myself to quench the higher flame
Still a spark strives, inner sanctum, pleading me to look inward and see...

Velvet light, a Poet's dusk that mirrors on the ocean
Foaming waves of blue-dye diving on white shores
Could withered wings try to spread and fly again?
Gliding through skies turning bright, ascending infinity, oblivious of time,
Seagulls rejoice their freedom flight
Bound to the dirt still it stands, eyes staring blank at the sun,
My vestige of glass (the man I was...) crumbling to dust...

Wandering lost in this maze, the grave of emotions and forgotten dreams,
Essence of life reached out to me
Urge for enlightenment stirs, I've glimpsed the Idyll redeemed,
Spreading my wings... (a newborn child...) I set out to live...
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