Whooo Lyrics

yo! i park my ride on the left side, im feeling kind a-ight cuz i know
that my stupid a** is gonna get drunk tonight
a quick view to the backyard, my boys are all there
so high 5s everywhere. a well known smell
from the inside so who got the endo
i wanna know cuz my brain said so
so i followed the fog until the heart of the party
chilli palmer with a blunt and a glass of bacardi
yo, its all good but something is missing
i dont know what it is and i have to go p******
but theres somebody knocking at the door
and right about now im looking at a girl that i never saw before
right about now i start to stare
oh f*** it my eyes are ready see her bare and kane says:
"ronnie braz, what youre gonna do?"
i better go and relax and get myself another brew.

whooo - hey yo, this chick is the bomb, yall!
whooo - hey yo, this chick is the bomb!
somebody tell me what her name is
somebody tell me what the number of this dame is
does she got a man or is she creeping on a solo tip
yo, take a look at her hips. i try to lick my lips
but my tongue seems to weigh a ton
and i said to myself youve got to talk to her ron, yo
its easier said than done but im a do it
its a hard job im a go thru it
so come on baby we gotta talk
its too noisy in here so lets go outside for a walk
my homies smiled as we passed
and kane said: "did a nice job mr. braz!"
were strictly headin for my car
and thank the holy lord that my way aint that far
cuz mr. braz goes on a mission
and i will tell this girl what its like to go fishing
ronnie and this chick on the way to knock boots
two wicked minds on their way to get loose
one load of s**** is getting out of control

the bomb
the bomb
the bomb
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