Feel Me Lyrics

brompton city bashin´, car crashin´, bong blastin´
it´s the alcohol abusin´ white trash kid.
with the mad vocalism, straight from the top of my lung
shout outs and respect to the place where i´m coming from.
so here me run again, head to the finish,
no time for loosin´, no time for cruisin´
´cuz a champion´s got to keep on movin´
like soul 2 soul, i´m back to life for real still a mc
with lots of love for my holy wheels of steele, yo
to me it was a big step, futurewards
from doin´boogaloo thangs at the barmbek-boulevard
to pick up the mic and say what the f**k i was born for
free to the dom is still the only thing I star for

would die for, would cry for, but not spy for
i still got the same type of respect even for all you fly w****s
don´t get me wrong, i really love your b****ness
the only f**ks i disrespect are b****** in the music-business.
and if you feel me put your hands up ,(hands in da sky)
and if you feel me put em high,(put em high)...
push 4 fingers and a L in da air,yo and wave em around like u just don´t care

there goes the 1 - 2 - 3 - 4lyn
i make it happen, i make them phoney rappers stop their c***
i let my dogs do the freak and put brompton city on the map,yo!
if theres a problem, i fix it, like p e and anthrax
i bring the noise snd press it on a black piece of wax
give me a grin when you see me pass you by
i´m not pretty fly for a white but for a 4lyn-guy
i´m smooth like the b*** of a babe
and well known for all the panic that i create when i´m out on stage.
trouble maker, problem child; is what these mothers t**le me
and daddies want to fight me but like spike lee
i´m doin´ the right thing, drinking a cup of tea, i´m smoking a blunt
i´m f*****´ them daughters in their b***s and leave this chikks rest in p****

so,what´cha want me to do?
(wikked:)Yo Braz, Do The Sikk s***

like u just don ´t care

like u just don ´t care
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