Outta Here Lyrics

six' o clokk in the morning and i gotta get up
i've just slept three hours, got a head like a rokk
i had a few beers... and a few beers more
i just wanna hit the shower but there's someone at my door
it's my mother and she yells: "better get your a** up quikk!"
"clean up your room", "take out the dogs" and all that s***..
and now i'm outta here
cuz i got better things to do
than just waiting for my life to change
i said, i'm outta here
cuz you're to cruel
time waits for noone and noone waits for you!
two months later and i got me a girl
she is a little complicated and my friends are scared of her
she got an eye on me wherever i go
and if i wanna hang out with my boys
she says "NO!"
hey baby, let me tell you some'...
if i need somone with authority, i call my mom!

now, listen up boys and girls
if your life sukks a**
you gotta move somewhere else or
let the others pass
and you'll find out it's kinda cool
to do what you're wanna do
just look at me and what i did..
now it's up to you
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