36 Lyrics

That"s how many ounces in a brick
36, 36, 36, 36
That"s how many ounces in a brick
That"s how many ounces in a brick
[Verse 1]
Whip that s***, whip my wrist
I might whip your b**** if she ain"t with that s***
Young whippersnapper, I might eat that snapper
Got a yellow b****, gotta whip them at ya
All I know is soda bakin"
All them other n***** fakin"
Watch them n***** fall to pieces
All them other n***** flaky
Did it for my city sellin" crack out my building
Now I ride around with a crack in the ceiling
Exhale, Ziplock, flip-flop with them burglar doors
Yeah, I got that hard work
n****, you are unemployed
Residue all on the floor
Just made a mil so you know that"s what I"m hungry for
Get it how you live
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B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time (2013)
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