So We Can Live Lyrics

[Hook: T-Pain]
Honey, we got off on the wrong foot, baby
Cause the relationship has been so good lately
If I don"t do what I do, then who"s gon put food on the table?
It is what it is, I"m just handling biz
But I do what I do so we can live
I only do what I do so we can live
I only do what I do so we can live
I only do what I do so we can live
I only do what I do so we can live

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Mama don"t work, heater don"t work
Police pulled me over and said he seen weed on my shirt
I pray to the lord and ask for forgiveness
If he popped my trunk I can get a life sentence
He came a little closer and told me that he smellin" it
I said 'I rolled one up, I won"t insult your intelligence
But I threw it out the window half a mile ago'
He asked me when the last time I smoke, I said a while ago
Forgive me officer, I"m stressin" and my pockets sore
Hurtin", chillin" with my dog like a f*****" Labrador
He said he ain"t with the bull: matador
Looked at the top of my car, like what this lighter for?
I told him I was puttin" girls up in the mornin"
And I"m goin" to my uncle"s house to see if he can join me
The officer got a call so he was needed
And he told me slow it down, and I told him please believe it
Then I proceeded to go to my uncle"s house
Well it really wasn"t my uncle, it was a junkie"s house
He got a badass niece with a donkey now
Pullin" out the parking lot, headed to the other spot
Out all night, addict with addicts, causin" Havoc, I"m a Prodigy
n***** know we Mobbin" Deep, gotta stay up when everyone fall asleep
The good die young, and promises are hard to keep
I left my old job, and now them n***** hardly speak
I got a new job, and plus I"m making more a week
The girl that I"m with is like a young Kimora Lee
I got them folks fiendin", pumpin" that Jodeci
Sippin" and my soda pink, you n***** is toilet seat
Check my resume, it used to say I sold quarter keys
Conduct disorderly, stayin" in the trap house
Trips went to work, I"m so glad that it mapped out
[Hook: T-Pain]

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
Simon says, monkey see monkey do
I wore the shirt, you wore the same shirt too
See me with my b****, you buy your b**** the same purse
Shoot you and your n****, y"all can share the same hearse
This that murder 1, mixed with the bubblegum
Kept working my dun dun duns, come get your mama some
n****, this that slum talk, some say we talks slums
I rarely finish the end of my words
Watch the rims hit on the curve
And what a n**** really care about a lisp?
People arguin" over me while I"m layin" in a b****
Death to a snitch, get it while you can (break) and s***
Its 3:30 in the A.M.
We"re just gettin" started like when I had the van
Bought the tour bus and put some n***** in the pass
Your style good enough to put in a glass bag
You know I"m getting" mine, you should use a hashtag
Flow off the hinges tryna f*** all her friendses
Just killed her p****, you gon" have to use forensics
Organized crime, you can put me in a lineup
Plus I got dreads, I"ll pay a hundred for the line up
[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]
Appetite for destruction, and I don"t a menu
So far ahead of y"all n*****, I can see you in my rearview
See you in my rearview one of your headlights out n****
I just got my first R&B b**** and got head all night with her
She said she tired of the generic
I say what up, she say what up, what up, you a parrot?
I"m like 'Bird a** girl, aren"t you sick of the rhetoric?'
And if I ain"t arrogant, I"m out of my element.
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