She Lyrics

She sold my soul
but I can make it all right
She told no more
and I cannot breathe at night
You killed me my girl
how you expect me to feel?
you took me my life
and everything I need
She sold my soul
and there is no change of mind
She told don't cry
don't need you by my side

If only I
could read again
what's on your mind
you let me go
you let me die into the sun
empty head
I'm playin' dead
is this the end?
I'm paying for
those things I said
I'm sorry babe
Hear me now
I'm screaming loud
live your life
do what you want
Turn your back
and look no more
I'll sing this song
with all my soul
I'm feelin' dead
I'll burn the sun
I'll cut me down
I'll let my self
to feel the end
to give you strength

I feel the end
I'll burn the sun
I'll let me go
I'm waiting 'till
the end of days
for you again
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