Navy in Alice Lyrics

I have a feeling
That you like getting laid
Every night and every day
And you don't care
What people will say
When you're doin' things in your way

Taking rides
Making love in the s***e
Getting filled all over your face

Feeling nothing
And you'd like to go chase
Making friends all over the place
Now I see you
And your face's getting change
But you keep doing things in your way

You spin around
With nothing to say
Every night and every day

No more junkies
No more wines and cheese
It's the worst if you know what I mean
Come closer
I will show you the way
Getting laid at the end of the day

Have a feeling
That I'll teach you my way
You won't have something to say

I wanna love you
Till the end of the day
But we have only today
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