Coming Home Lyrics

Coming home from a long run
Looking back on a dark night
Passed through an alley, winds are whispering mine
My reality is so d*** empty, you see!
Winds are strong, but I must hold on
It's been a long time
I'm coming home!
It's been a long season past
I've been gone, I've been riding on...
It seems to me all I got is the memories
Wretched upon my soul forever more!

Give me one more day, I surely want
Forget the past, and instead you go
Keep on doing your thing, keep on...
Hold on, babe, it's been a long ride!
Can you move on over, don't lose my time
Different faces, oh just the same...
Can you move on over?
Oh, can you move over?
Coming home, lost to be found
Found to be lost
I'm just a step away from myself!
I'm coming home!
Down to my soul, down to the piece of my..
Waiting for, love begins,
waiting for my everything!
On this road can't take no more!
All I need it seems to me
So far away, won't you help me, please
On this road made of stone?
I'll even ride to the fires of hell
Out of prison.... sorry to tell
Won't you move on over, don't say a word
Let me be... I just got your...
Don't be waiting for me just to waste your time
I ain't coming back by myself on the borderline, on the borderline!
I'm coming home, lost to be found, found to be lost
I'm just a step away from myself!
I'm coming home down to my soul
Down to the piece of mind! (x2)
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