Radio Lyrics

A one, two, three, four
Oh, I'm alive, yeah

From the slaves to the field
To the booze and the blues
To the ragtime feeling okay
To the jazz in the H we were finding our way
Coltrane stayed playin' all day
To the rock and the roll
Left a hole in the soul
Cause the white folk didn't want to pay
Didn't want us no more
So you know I gotta go
Disco soul went to R&B
We got a little older
Times got colder
Couldn't find a job
Now it's hard to stay sober
Hip Hop came
and I lost my brain
Can't go back
gotta find new things

We crunk, and we b**p
And we thug, and we club
and we do
What we really gotta do
I'm a fool who's in love
With a drug, fill me up
To the music I'll always stay true

I know (I know)
For sure (for sure)
I got a new radio
I got a new radio
I got a new radio
The sound of the church
Giving birth to the verse
MC's that would ever touch ground
Singing praise in a way
That could save everyday
So amazing I lay my hat down
Pioneers of the beats in the streets
And I see that the beat is a part of the piece
That I feel when we speak
or we blow or we sing
It's relief that can make its so deep
I'm a piece in the puzzle
Little bitty cuz who
Love kickin' game
wit a mouth that will cuss you
Every day thing
Now a days gotta hustle
Thinking bout the ancestors
give me muscle
Everything I need
When I gotta go tussle
This is how it go
When the spirit gon touch you
Tell you what I know
bout them bold negros
Who came way before
With a rhythm that crushed you

Miles Davis would you please come back
James Brown would you please come back
Robert Marley would you please come back
Need yall back gotta get us on track
Yeah, let's go
Yeah x 3

Louie Armstrong please come back
Billy Holliday please come back
Nina Simone please come back
Need yall back gotta get us on track

Jimmie Hendrix please come back
Curtis Mayfield please come back
Robert Johnson please come back
Need your back gotta get us on track
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