Inside Your Arms Lyrics

Try not to breathe, don't think about this
Drive your thoughts away and dismiss
The incomprehensible lies that they'll never stop to tell about us
When bridges are burning behind us, I don't mind
It's their polarization that I'll never understand

We're laughing into their affected face
We joined the game in too many ways
And if we fall we take them with us
Isn't it all a question of trust?

The secrets are changing for their ultimate goal
And predestination's a joke
Hold me if we're falling inside your arms
Keep the wrong directions out
The anchor's ripped off, we're flying above
All the disillusions

Haven't you seen the wire they've stretched
Maybe it worked if we were well matched
But we don't stumble back on our way
Give us just one good reason to stay
The world is still turning, but it can't be the same
While everyone's searching for his perfect private fame

They say we should take the consequence
With a flavor of self-recompense
But if there's one thing we can stand
It's to keep our pure lives in our hand

There's nothing to change at all in retrospect
Impunity keeps us alive
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