Great Fairy's Fountain Lyrics

Do you see me in the distance?
Can you hear me plea a**istance?
Send an angel, grant your power,
Save me in my darkest hour
Softest lips and gentle kisses,
Graceful queen, please grant my wishes
Take my weapons, Beauty's daughter
Bless them in your sacred water

In the pool, you softly slumber,
What you're dreaming of, I wonder
Hear this song, awake your sleeping,
Do you have what I've been seeking?
Winged savior, Queen of Fairy
Pick me up when I am weary
Vanquish death, renew my spirit,
I can fight if you can will it

In my life and many travels
You were there through all my battles,
Now, oh maiden, rise in glory
Light the way and end the story...
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Ocarina of Time (2009)
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