Monte Lyrics

Flowers in the ground they wilt away,
sun in the sky it fades away,
Funnier shapes from the clouds so gray
The breeze in the trees they blow my way.
I was told my soul was old
Why can't I understand at all?
If my soul was really old
Wonder if I could change this world
Life has given me obstacles
Still I b*** my tongue say it's wonderful
I'm just glad I'm still around
But I'm even more glad when things slow down.
But you, you came to break me,
oh you, you came to save me

Life's too short for what-ifs and plans
So let the day take you by the hand
Get your ??follow facts?? well go and burn them
I'm too old for ??d*** the man??
Made a wish on a star at night
Brightest star that's in the sky
Only to have realized
It was just a satellite
And you, you came to calm me
Oh you, you came to cool me
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