Papercut Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Now we're staring at the ceiling, you're so pretty when you're mad
All that I can hear is breathing, oh, oh
And we're stuck inside the silence, in a cold, cold war
We're too proud to say we're sorry, oh, oh
Right now it feels like we're bleeding
So deep that we might not get back up
Our words, they tear through the surface
Like a paper, like a paper cut
Right now, don't know why I love you
But by the morning, when we wake up
I'll reach for you and remember
It was just a paper, just a paper cut
[Verse 2]
I find refuge in the distance, even when we're breaking down
Can we pause it just for one kiss? Oh, oh
Cause I never meant to hurt you, and I know you feel the same
Still the only one I run to, oh, oh
[Chorus x2]
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