It Doesn't Really Matter Lyrics

Atch! atch! "FRESH"
Atch! atch! "SO"
Atch! atch! "FRESH"
Fr fr fr fr fr fr fresh!
Ha ha ha ha...
I remember when I was younger
James Brown was so unique

I never understood how he did it
How he made his music groove your very soul

If you listen close to the music
You'll find no difference between our days, no (??)

My syste-systic humanistic sound to prove you, yeeaah....

It doesn't really matter, it doesn't really change
It doens't really matter, it all remains the same

Do you remember, Chuck Berry
He made rock around the clock
Just rocking and relieving, rocking and relieving, rocking all night
Let's rock
(solo guitare)

Refrain x2

Down down down down

Time after time, day after day
It doesn't matter things remain the same
It doesn't matter, matter, matter, matter, matter

Just throw down the party
Things remain the same
Just throw down the party (slow down?)

Just throw down the party
It never really changes
Just throw down the party
Stevie Wonder, Rick James
Charlie Wilson and the Gap Band
Roger Troutman and the Zapp Band
Cameo and Grandmaster
Aretha, she's the queen
James Brown, he's the king
Name staring like "so" .... you're the king
(???) they sound so good to me
Do you remember Sly Stone?
What city did he come from Roger?
First there was Detroit
Then there was Stax
Then the Philly Sound
Now we've got the minneapolis connection

Thank you Prince 'cause you sound so good to me
Get on down, get on down, down down down down...
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