Which of Allah's Favours Can We Deny? Lyrics

Which of Allah's favours can we deny?

Above all creatures, he chose us to be high
To him we belong, to hime is our return
Life in this world is only sojourn

To the angels he commanded that man be respected
Shaytaan heeded not and so was he rejected

Compared to the angels we are but clay
As long as Allah we obey, we'll not go astray
As the best of his creation only us did he deem
This for us is honour this high esteem

His qudrat it is that cause winds to blow
He gives us provision so that we may grow

To lead man astray, shaytaan made a vow
None can mislead us if to Allah we bow

It's a task to be free from shaytaan's treachery
Iman is our weapon, it's Allah's mercy

Allah is our creator, he gave us dignity
We face evil each day, in him there is serenity

At the time appointed the world shall perish
Hope for hereafter's success is what we cherish

To show the way he sent prophets to guide
Life may be pleasant, his laws we must abide

Muhammed was the last, rahmatullil-aalameen
Through him Allah sent al-qur'aan al-mubeen

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