No One Can Tell Lyrics

Ballroom manics pacing clad in costume
Flying critters brutes and flowers
In the finale bloom
The bridegroom standing smitten 'side the barroom
But lying fetal in the earth's womb
We're all babies born too soon
You're fetching in the cobwebs
Dress is stained with wine
I was in the dancehall enjoying my time
Father had a vision that we won't own a dime
I think he might... I think he might be right
Brother feeds on white cake like it's a slab of meat
Can the world be abundant if there's nothing left to eat?
I live in fear of destroying myself, but no one can tell
No one can tell
I can never feel the way I want to
Comatose in the bedroom
Rose petals in the vacuum
I am never real I am a costume
Instead of love, I lost you
A wedding furthered by cheap booze
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