Let It Go Lyrics

Let go before I force it from your grip,
your ears are beginning to ring.
I will hold you as you start to slip,
this will feel like dying.
You stagger like a last-round fighter.
Just because you're strong it don't make you righter,
when you fall you've got farther to go.
Like Louis shooting c***s with Liston
you stood for something but that got p***** on.
You got no more fields to hoe.

Let it go.
Just wipe your mind and forget what you know.
Lose it like money you forgot that you owed
and let it go.
A dawn meant for us alone,
peering through the shadows of trees.
While they stand speechless on their phones,
bug-eyed on their balconies.

Deep within his father's nest
Lachlan holds Jamie to his breast
while he begins to let it all go.
"What have I done to deserve this?"
he asks between a drunken kiss.
"Is this really happening, oh no."
Let it go.
All of your cracks are beginning to show.
Take your fires drive them deep in the snow
and let it go.

Let it go.
Burn the pages, forget what your know.
Our winter crops are beginning to grow.
Just let it go.
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