Night Lead Me Astray Lyrics

I don't want to wake up, wake up again with the world the same as she was back then.
I know I'll fall over and over and you'll pick me, you'll pick me up.you'll pick me up.Night lead me astray.Night lead the way.

...Reaching through the glass i see we're all the same. We want are lives to live and our heart to race.i wonna feel that beat inside my soul. I dont need to, dont need to know.Night lead me astray.......
No maps, no ties.No maps no ties.
Let's leave surprises as surprises, please don't explain this feeling I feel as she moves again. Twilight cover take us away we're only here for a day. Night lead me astray......

No maps no ties, no words no lies, no tears no ties..........

Night lead me astay.
Only here for a day.
Night lead me astray
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