Power Lyrics

First you get that money then you get that power
If you tune ya nose up, boy he on that powder
Now you walk around with 50 in your trousers
Diamonds boolin' on my chest, no f*****' blouser
b****, I make it rain y'all, ya dig that?
Ain't nobody know a thing about ya if you zip that
Hit 'em with that blocka-blocka, n**** get back
Be that, be that, never crack, did that
[Verse 1:]
Before I go to that [?], I swag pack
I spark my b**** and now, she actin' like a bracket
I make Ellas, I know Jimmy, he got rashes
b**** I'm bleedin' like a tag
Rollie, rollie [?] on ya back
Devil, show my diamonds yellow just like a taxi
I'm a cat, I'mma [?] out 'em p**** racks
p**** n**** better not look back
Or else I'm killin' 'em, that's a fact
There's blood all on my Timberlands
She make a n**** go "whaat?!"
I swear she feelin' on 'em
She sucked like eight d***s, I call her [?]
[Verse 2:]
b****, I dig it, I eat ice cream with my chickens
b****, I'm rich just like a Simmons, not lil Diggy
If I got legs, b**** you know I'm gon' get it
She got good head, so she welcome to my Bentley
Big Bentley in that big Bentley, Bentley
Hop out with that semi, cuz I know these n**** hear me
Is you mad on Instagram on how I killed my payment?
You keep that Ace of Spades, I'm sippin'
I'm a rock head, rock head, I can't stop it, stop it
I'm a GTV, but b**** I'm poppin, poppin'
I need c**e, need c**e like "Where the f*** is papi?"
If you tryna run off, you know we popped ya noggin'
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