This Goes out to You Lyrics

"This Goes Out To You"

Check it, aye yo
This right here is, this is honestly the jam
To make them all say YONAS is honestly the man
On my Ferris Bueller s***, school was never in the plan
Because what I got is special like a jewel in the sand
Make a move where they can slam
Rappers like to pretend
I always keep a girl that's why they like me to win
And who would've ever thought that my life would ever begin
By inspiring the world through the strike of a pen
So I got to thank the fans because they made me who I am
First, they showed me how to fall
Then they taught me how to stand
I just got to be myself, and they all understand
Like an Aloe Blacc song
I'm the man, I'm the man
(Ha ha)
I took a theory and I turned it into fact
You took a couple rock songs and turned them into rap
You all liked it better because I gave it what it lacked
Had some fun with it and then I gave it back
So this is for you
This goes out to you [x3]
You were there when no one was around
This goes out to you [x3]
You were there when no one was around

Now I don't have a corny name for my fan base
But they still love me because I'm something you can't hate
Plus I draw what these other dudes can't trace
Out of this world you're better off trying to scan s***e
A bed of nails, ain't no sleeping on the kid
I don't usually smoke, but now I'm c***fing on the clear
It's never easy to cope when the reason you exist is to carry the torch
My n***** reaching for this s***
But I got it
Nope, I'm not a novice
I know I'm an artist
And also a product
And I got friends that look like Mike Brown
But I got some friends that live in white towns
So I try to find a way to stay cool
But somehow I always manage to break rules
And if I ever lied on a record, lord let me die today
And by the way, I do this for you

This is for any being being creative
I thank you for the things that you have created
Even if it seems that we ain't related
You're the reason I ever had dreams of being the greatest
I could rush to the finish but s*** is better patient
Feeling like I'm minutes from a celebration
Pour champagne glass leaving demons in the past
One toast for success, another toast to make it last

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