The Answer Lyrics

Rising with the tide
Not sure I care just who I am
Changing up my name
Sailors tell me just who I am
I have an answer
You are my answer
Rising in the sky
That's just how it got to be
Flying over cities
Got more belief in everything
Just need an answer
You are my answer

I see you like a lighthouse in my mind

rising to your side
taking your breath is mine again ???
until we ??? time that we spent ???
??? again
just one question
just one answer
building up my life
I see you rise to meet me there
choices like voices inside my head
they take me there
no more questions
only answers
the puzzle piece I'd never thought I'd find
Warm your gloves right here next to mine

Rising with the vibes
I will save them if I can
Chasing the morning
I feel the love like any man
Such an answer
From where you answer
Rise until the end of our time
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