Beautiful Lie (Guiseppe Ottaviani remix) Lyrics

Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Fade away
Like frozen photographs
Remember, forget
The ways you take
The ways you make
The moments pass
Forever regret
I tell a beautiful lie
& I would die if you find out
I tell a beautiful lie
Everytime that I do not open up my mouth

All the same, it's a game
It's a pain, it's a war
It's a shame
That were always fighting for
I dont mean to cause no blame
Don't intend to pretend
That I could never love you more
But in the blink of an eye
Everything you ever knew can change
And it's a beautiful lie
If you think everything would always stay the same
Babe, my babe
You got a secret
It's starting to show
My babe, sweet babe
How long can you keep it?
How far would you gooooooo
To tell a beautiful lie
And it's going to...
It's going to drive you crazy.

Babe, my babe...
Starting to show...
Sweet babe yeah...
How far would you go... go... go...
To tell a beautiful...
Yesterday today tomorrow
Fade away like frozen photographs
Remember, forget
Foreveeeeeeeeer lie
Babe, Good bye
Beautiful babe oh yeaaaaaaaaaah...
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