Angel and the Animal Lyrics

As winter fall down on London town,
I feel the walls closing in,
The silver sky is turning us, to stone,
We hide beneath the ground,
Feeling so broken and,
Cannot tell the day and night,
Well I think,
But I'm not sure,
I don't know how,
It is, we came to be here,
Doesn't it seem strange,
I mean, could it be it's not really happening now.

And the animal,
Is always in your heart,
And the animal,
Forever will be where you are.
Breathe in the air for me,
You don't know what it feels like,
To be, free,
But your innocent experience,
Can lead you astray sometimes,
And passion isn't always the key,
So you dig in and I hold out,
And don't let go for nothing,
Didn't you see me fall,
Or is this not really happening at all.

And the animal,
Will always be in your heart,
And the animal,
Forever will be where you are,
One day,
You remember this,
When all has come to pass,
One day,
You remember you are,
Not the one you think you are,
As winter left of London town,
I feel my heart opening,
So I, turn around and breathe you in,
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