White World Lyrics

Okay i just bought a white bulldog all white fish white this

chorus x2:
white cutlass white lamb white truck white Porsche
I live on a golf course I be wit da white boyz
white couch in my white house off a white girl
all I know is white dawg I live in a white world
verse 1:
all I want for Christmas is a package and my pistol
if it is a black santa won't you free some of my nigguhz
every time I made a sale I made sure I used a scale
and if I ever got sum money I gon' give these nigguhz hell
vanilla color leather it look perfect with the wood
park the cutlass at the office park my lambo in the hood
gave the Lexus to the goons gave the truck to baby mama
but took it from that b**** cuz she went acting(?) like I want her
so now she p***** off mad at me but I don't give a d***
a b**** gon' do wat b****** do so she been going ham
my favorite color white u know I'm cocaine down from head to toe
I bought so much white s*** think I'm bout' to cop some mo'
chorus x2

verse 2 :
I told em' white my favorite color u can ask my big brother
he said i'm going cocaine crazy but I do it for the struggle (i do)
I do it for the hustlers n I do it for the trappers
like I do it for the gangstas but I don't do it for no rappers (nah)
do it for the city ain't s*** dat chu can tell me (nah)
don't compare me to no artist and(?) comparing me to Elvis
a chopper in my trunk I gotta 40. By my pelvis
n i want all the money so I guess Im kinda selfish
a b**** ????? She stay in ??? Atlanta
she said the worlds mine like Tony Montana
u working for the Feds I can see an antenna
so yellow cost taker(?) white chocolate outlaya
ey look p****, n**** every thing i talk about real n****, what I got huh what what, u see that s*** n**** u know wat I'm talkin bout

just talk:
u kno WTF going on n****
yo gotti mr. One time u num saying
cutlass like 90 or 80 sumthing 88 89
rach in this b**** n**** u kno the lamb 252 like 258 to be exact sum s*** like dat naw mean. porsche like 135 2010 oh yeh n**** I could do January 1st in dat b****
u nuh im saying i'll truck race dat s*** just u kno 450 thousand dolla s*** it ain't nuthing

but every thing white
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