Five Star Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I am top notch n****
I do grade A s***
I'm a keep it 100
I wanna 5 star b****
Talkin mouth game serious and can ride dat d***
Shawty walk like she talk like she kno dat she da s***
You dnt live witcha momma plus u moved up out da hood
Couple years on ya own and ya still doin good
You ain't fightin in da club u ain't on dat stupid s***
You ain't worried he got money you ain't on dat groupie s***
But still money make ya c**
Gotcha swagg game together
Gucci dis louie dat u gotcha bag game together
Gotta mean pump game and a sick shoe fetish
Say you left ya last n**** cause his a** was too petty

Thats a five star b**** x4, if ya credit go high and ya nails stay fly, keep ya juicebox wet and ya hair on fie, then you a five star b**** x4 i want a five star b****, i needa five star b**** x2, i want a five star b****.

[Verse 2]
If ya baby daddy left ya
Raised ya kids on ya own
And you need a real n**** put my numba in ya phone
If you never left da city
Neva been up outta MEMPHIS
I can be dat thug genie
Give ya three lil wishes
She a stone cold freak
She can get a n**** right
She can cook she can clean
Know how to treat a n**** right
Dats a 5 star b****
Red bone so thick
Long hair don't care
Dereon outfit
Go to church every sunday
She a teacher at da school
Ya did it big last night
I had her drunker than a fool
Say she had to call in she could'nteven go to work
Told her come and let me put a couple hundreds in her purse
[Verse 3]
You went to school to be a nurse
She's a AKA
Shawty fresh up out da hood but went to TENNESSEE STATE
And friend jus as fine swere to god I ain't lyin
She a DELTA she be throwin dat dynasty sign I
Pay for both of they tuition
Pay for both of they beautician
Coogi dis
Bb dat
And she luv tru religion
Dats a 5 star chick cause her future so bright
She gotta a cool sense of humor
And her attitude right
She go to real estate school
She do hair on da side
Went to school to practice law
I need her on my side
Dats a 5 star chick you a fool not to keep her
I'm a show u what to do if I eva get to meet her
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