Harder Lyrics

I'm hard, i'ma hard hard

Ok the beat go hard but i go hard
I can bow drug dealer but i'm smart
..i don't lose i could all of charge
But them b****** make the ..look in my heart
King of my city don't' .. we're like holla
..crips too we don't..regardless
See me on the news yeah i beat em charge
All the little do money looking hanging dodge
.. my n**** in the fam my n**** Gucci .. i kill it looking ..
This strip i resign this strip what i provide
The n**** with them chopper 'cause i know they gonna rap
Forget ..winter church i pay my tax
I leave my son a couple million dollars
So i get a ..
Hard ain't no n**** in this streets strip like me so b**** like me
Makes ..so b**** like me text .. got number ..
..no f*** me n**** i'm a real n**** ..

Hard hard i'm hard hard hard i'm hard
Hard hard i'm hard
In the kitchen now reeping hard
Go the top .. hard
Hard hard i'm hard hard hard i'm hard
In the kitchen now reeping hard
Real n**** i leave it ..
Hard hard i'm hard
The streets go hard but i go hard
i know i didn't mean my money my ..
know young money like don't know where ..

in my life for real n**** if i ..
I'm hard met a b**** in the ..
put the b**** in the ..'cause she .. tomorrow
..for 24 hours, 24 .. 24 on my . .
dedicate on the .. b**** i'm like Alaska ..NASA
Put up in the ..truck on like a nasa
n**** playin .. she'll f*** you if you answer
she smarter better get she .. better get you p**sy
then why your b****** charging
i'm hard hard i'm hard
Hard hard i'm hard
Hard let me top .. little from ..

Strip moneys strip moneys got on my wall
I'm going so hard i know i got more than dough
Got the beam of the .. triple black must say ..
Got me flyin me and cash in got me get it again
Homie bout to surround came a long way from the blocks
Baby girl i don't .. 'cause don't driven it rocks
Licking shots that you p**sy my stucks in shots to the roof
I got shoots for the stars ..buying the coop
I know i don't' live forever but stocking up like i will
I know you n***** ain't real but i f*** you like ..
48 laws 36 hoes 57 ness ..
26 each .. 11 doing right so hard but i ..get to heaven
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