Act Right Lyrics

[Intro: Yo Gotti]
I'm going going back back to the Bay
Rest in peace Mac Dre
All I do is talk yay
[Bridge: Yo Gotti]
In the club got them bottles on replay
Tryna break a record like a DJ
Thats a hundred fifty bottles in one night
I give that b**** some act right

[Hook: Yo Gotti]
Act right, act right
Money don't fold if it act right
Act right, act right
n***** playin' games you can act right

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
I'm goin' goin back back to the Bay
Rest in peace Mac Dre
I'm a street n**** all I do is talk yay
Want me in your city n**** know they gon' pay
Ain't lookin' for a free throw, lookin for a freak ho
Cuban link chain on my neck weigh a kilo
n**** just violated p***** dirty to his P.O
On the real n**** scale one to ten you a zero
d***, that a bad b**** you a Creole
On the West coast but she say she from the N.O
Act right, get your life changed
f*** a pair of shoes, you can get the last name
Real n**** s*** boy I hate lames
All my n**** sell dope or gang bang
Me and cash get the act right
You ain't in a foreign you don't look right


[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
I'mma tell ya off top mother f*** free Boosie
Ridin' in my Lamborghini with the dope man uzi
Thinkin' came with a step might be the s***
I got a rooster in my Rari might be your b****
I said I pull up in this b**** in that Aventador
Make you b**** pass out straight hit the floor
Said I never seen a car like that before
What's that thang stickin up said thats the door
I told YG I'mma go ride the whip
You just hangin' out the window ghost ride the clip
I made my first quarter million dollars off the blow
He want a nine piece chicken took that to-go
I'mma tell ya like this, ya'll m*********** listen
Kilo all day m*********** I'm trippin'
But if you run up on me thinking I'm slippin'
Michael Jordan with the chopper bet I hit you like Pippen act right


[Verse 3: YG]
Goin' goin' back back to the bank
Rest in peace to my safe
I'mma fly n**** n**** I take your ho
I'll have to leave her if she did me like Coco
The devil talkin' to me, but I dont hear him
Act like I'm deaf like So-So
f*** you, f*** him, f*** them
f*** my ex and her cohorts
Hundred bottles in the club, for no reason
n***** start trippin boom bow dope fiend
Fendi on my shoes, Fendi on my belt
I'm in the Fendi store I dont need help
All gold everything like Trinidad
I went to high school with you b**** you been a rat
I don't got money problems, I got trust issues
Two things I gotta stay is with the two pistols


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