Stonehenge Lyrics

My life is so successfull
I've got everything a man could ever need.

Got a 1000 dollar haircut
And I even have a talkshow on TV.
And I know I should be happy, but instead
There's a question I can't get out of my head.

What's the meaning of Stonehenge?
It's killing me that no one knows
Why it was built 5000 years ago.

Why did they build the Stonehenge?
How could they rasie the stones so high
Completely without the technology
We have today?

When I make my jalapeƱos
Calamri and prosciutto
I'm the king!

My wife applaud(s) me in the kitchen
When I tell her all I bought is from the local store

(And) When the kids have gone to bed, we're all alone
She gives me a smile
Then she plays with my b****
(But?) All I think of is Stonehenge
I think about it when I dream
The biggest henge that I have ever seen

What's the purpose of Stonehenge?
A giant granite brithdaycake
Or a prison far too easy to escape?

Stonehenge! Stonehenge! Lots of stones in a row! (chor)
They were 25 tons each stone, my friend
But amazingly they got them all down in the sand
And they moved it (Stonehenge! )
And they dragged it (Stonehenge! )
And they rolled it 46 miles from Waleeees! - Heeey (46 miles from Wales! )
What's the deal with Stonehenge? (chor) (Oh, what's the deal, what's the deal, what's the deal)
You should have left a tiny hint
When you made this f****** labyrinth, of stone! (Who the... )
Who the f*** builds a Stonehenge? (f*** builds a Stonehenge?)

Two Stone Age-guys wondering what to do
Who just said: "Dude, let's build a henge or two!"

I would give anything to know
About the Stonehenge (chor)
Yeah, I would give all I have to give
Would you give them your car? (chor)
(Mmm) Are you kidding me, of course I would have given the car
What car do you drive? (chor)
Drive a Civic, drive a Civic. Drive a Civic!
A car you can trust! (chor)
Never mind the car, let's talk about the henge
What henge is that again? (chor)
It's the Stonehenge, it's the Stonehenge!
God, it is the greatest henge of all!

What's the meaning of Stonehenge? (dual)
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