If We Fall In Love Lyrics

there will be no ordinary days for you
if there is someone who cares
like i do
you got no reason to be sad anymore
I'm always dreaded with a smile
with just one
glimpse of you
you don't have to search no more
coz i am someone who
will love you for sure

if we fall in love
maybe we'll sing this song as one
if we fall in love
we can write a better song than this
if we fall in love
we will have this melody in our heads
if we fall in love
any where with you would be a better
you can watch sad movies in a
different light
so I'll be right there beside you
huggin you so tight(oh so tight)
has from never felt so cold and empty
coz I will keep on holding on and
won't let go(never let you go)

feel so good when you're around
one smile from you
make my day just so bright
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