I'm a Real 1 Lyrics

Ay Mustard, I swear to God I'm tired of these fake a** n*****

[Verse 1: YG]
Smash off in that Porsche like (skrr!)
My n***** smoke kush, no purp
If that puss got a bush I"m like: "no!"
Hairy p**** b****, you the type that got herps
I"m 6-figure n****, your account: no digits
f*** the b**** and bust a nut in 4 minutes
Cause I ain't got time for p****
"YG, what's yo' type?" I'm hittin' all kinds of p****
You the type that hang with n***** you don"t like
For the fame, that"s a shame, your lifestyle is all hype
I used to drive that all white Bimma
I had to get that Porsche, cause it was cleaner
Now I"m 'bout to throw 4"s on that b****
I"m in the party stumping, tricking falls on that b****
And if one fight, then we all fight
Boom, bow, bing, n****, on sight!

n****, I"m a real one
You do whatever for the fame
You make me wanna go click-clack bang
n****, I"m a real one
I can"t stand you n*****
I be wantin' back hand you n*****
n****, I"m a real one
Yep, all my n***** bangers
Watch how I twist my fingers
n****, I"m a real one
If one fight then we all fight
Pop a pill and f*** all night!
[Verse 2: YG]
Rollie on the wrist, Louie on the belt
I"m bout to call the IRS on myself
AMG Benzes, Porsche's on 4"s
Me and Mustard pull up, that"s a car show
n***** getting mad but we just getting money
I can be your boo thang not your hubby
All the b****** love me, all the b****** love me
If I had a 100 d***s, I'd have all the b****** f*** me
New house, new whip, new year, new goal
Same n****, same s***, same clique, same bros
n**** I"m a real one, if I ain't got it then I'mma I steal one
n****, I never fear one
I eat the p**** on the first date
Then brush my teeth with Colgate
I'd rather spend money before I spend time
Ask Drake, he'll tell you, "no lie"

Say n**** I"m a real one
Say n**** I"m a real one
You ain't a real one 'til you kill one
Well click, clack, pow, I"m a real one
n****, can no n**** tell me nothin' bout me
Can no n**** tell me nothin' bout me
Can no n**** tell me nothin' bout me
Nah n**** not me

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