Stay Till Tomorrow Lyrics

Stay Till Tomorrow

A lonely place and a day to nowhere
And nothing else to breathe
Discovering the world with simple eyes
There's nothing new to see
Acid rain
Acid pain in the morning
Swaying around
It's me
Walk away
Is it a shame to be here?

Just another place to stay tonight
Face to face
May I stay till tomorrow, I beg
Watching the world
Can I stay till tomorrow
Face to face
May I stay till tomorrow, I pray
Watching the world
Confused and with a pocket full of questions
There's nothing to change
The past is over
Have you learned your lesson well?
Building a fiction, passionate daydreams
Independent and free

Days of pain
After years of sorrow
Come back to earth and see the truth and be

It was not to be, so what!
It won't happen again...
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