Obituary Lyrics

Finger on the trigger, barrel to my head
just seems easier if i were dead.
i hate you, i hate you, i f****** hate you.
left me here to rot, im tired of pretending im ok.
what do i do when everything continues fall apart.
questioning how ive gotten this far.
where do i find happiness, searched for far too long.
where do i find happiness, far too long far too long.
i still sit here cold, abandoned by the world.
bottle is done, no hope, no fears, no tears
im f***** in the head, but no one will notice.
just pull the trigger, just do it.
life given up on me but i wont let death take me.
left with nothing, no path to follow.
i hate you i hate you
f*** the world its just me now, and im after you.
Nothing will save you, eye for an eye
Finger on the trigger, barrel to your head
it would be better if you were dead.
im coming for you.....
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Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias (2010)