Reform, Part II Lyrics

Devastated, but fully repressed
A madness, this condition
One's inner blood l***
Or an unfound, unbound terror to relinquish
Out of control, a race to befall
The masses lose all control - All control
Shifting powers in the middle be it ruin
Or redemption
Good intentions lie resting dormant
Sworn of the hailstorm - Hailstorm
Shifting powers in the middle
Moving powers away from us
Be it ruin or redemption
Sworn on the hailstorm
Change around minds
And you'll fall by the numbers
And you'll fall on your face
And consequences reveal themselves aloud
And preaching to yourselves about
Matters that matter not
Desire -Torment - Endings
Condition ourselves to fear the outside world
Acting out a torment, a chance dispensed with
Crossed the line
To fight a never ending battle
To speak about a dead cause
To awaken no inspiration from others
For forgiveness, for forgiveness
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