Where's Your Faith Now? Lyrics

Deny what's happening
it fuels the rage in my eyes
give to this pressure
not for the world
so is this ignorance or blatant disregard
just fake position it tends to make me sick
and I can bear to hold my tongue
a doctrine failed set like security
a note of self construction
built up to crumble apart
leach on social divides, leach on all
in the name of religion just set the standard low
and offer nothing but a cost
to hide in fear and pray for prosperity
what do you really believe in
and what good is light if it hides in the dark
deliver us from our selves
deliver us from this fate
believer is set out against believer
blood of the saints
reform the fall
if we are the standard, nothing can save us
neglect so great a salvation
faithless will you do nothing at all
bury your face
and try to hold out for rapture
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