Xasthur Within Lyrics

Use them
abuse them
bleed them dry
to leave them fiending (weakened and manipulated)
In a l*** for sin
and a devourment for the living
our dreams connected (and wishes crossed paths)

For she is inside of me,
and I in her.
Death comes by sleep,
be the shadow
to tint the corpses (in which we walk)
We'll never be alone
in the death that surrounds us (all felt and seenthough the same eye).

Let me parallel
your ancient ways.

I will kill for you, if only you for me.
Their poison,
our abyss had risen.
Veins strengthen and hate is the will to live, shadows
of human suffering have found a home,
watered with blackened blood
for extinction to grow.

Poison my human heart,
for you were created to rid me of
this human shell,
to feel your murderess touch and lack of emotion.
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To Violate the Oblivious (2004)
Intro Xasthur Within Dreams Blacker Than Death Screaming at Forgotten Fears Consumed by a Dark Paranoïa Marked by Shadows Apparitional Void of Failure A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors Walker of Dissonant Worlds