Abortion Lyrics

ABORTION --- I'm sitting in the belly looking down on my knees oh! what's that down on me I think I get a visit but it's a syringe that opens and closes still it is between my legs but something could be found ah! the pain is horrible my left arm's on the ground 'cause they cut out my arm with a smile in the face though I want to be a pianist
I think I ought to win this race I can't move my body in this b***** room my hands are knocking on the walls but the silence can't call a member of human rights I'm absorbed in thoughts and my small brain realizes the scythe that redeems me from my legs the next will be my head I'll never eat a crunchy bread my ears cry in red tears I'll never hear the words love, war, fear, hate and pain but that is not the end my sister near my rests is looking down her knees and thinks she gets a visit
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