Anorexia Nervosa Lyrics

The delusion of beauty
Is drifting her away
Looking into the mirror
Can't see her decay
After every meal
Puking everything out
To feel nice and respected
That's the daily bout

Slows down her heartbeat
She's loosing her hair
Her skin has changed
Is it really fair

Her cheek-bones are marked
And are coming out
Influenced by commercials
No trace of doubt
Anorexia nervosa
Will destroy your life
Anorexia nervosa
Is your suicide

Social conflicts are part
Of her permanent life
The world seems to be blind
Why don't ya take a knife?
The view of essentials
Is lost since years
Don't believe your reflection
Eat your meal without fear

She struggles for life
The fight began in her head
Her soul is spoiled
So she is already dead

She's got no power
All alone with her pain
Thinking of her weight
Has rotten her brain
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