To Lock Eyes With a Wild Beast Lyrics

For those who think they are brave
Because they've never been afraid.
Who judge those enduring consequences,
When they have always been saved.
To all those ignorant f**** who've always suckled from the teat:
I hope, one day, you'll meet your fate
Locking eyes with the 'wild beast'.

For those who think they have all the answers,
Though they've never been tested.
Who are defiant to the rules of the world,
Though they've never really had to face it, themselves.

Not to be taken by your fellow man, not to be taken by your own hand,
Not having succumbed to disease, but having faced the wild beast.

For after only one glance of the beast, in the blink an eye,
The young dawn, that was your life, has suddenly turned into midnight.
As if it fell from the sky, your mouth drops in awe.
p*** your self in fear. No clever language will help you here

As you slowly quicken the pace, as you try to slip away,
Just as you think you will be okay...
You realize you've become the chase...Run!

Let her take you down. Let her take you in her mouth.
The moonlight reflecting in her eyes,
The moonlight is shinning off her cold, sharp claws.
Let her tear you limb from limb, let nature take its course.
Let her kill and devour, kill and devour and kill some more.

Memories are flashing before your eyes of old friends & dead relatives.
With hallucinations induced from being eaten alive.

Where no one could see you cry, where no one could hear you scream,
An unlikely fate in present day, man and beast, face to face.

You went looking for thrills and adventure, they came looking for you as well.
You wanted nature? Nature wanted you as well.

At the scene of the mauling, black cloth and blood in the snow.
Surrounded by a crowd of trees you will be, but cold bones in the spring.
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