Call It Like You See It Lyrics

And I have learned not to rely on all the promises you make,
'Cause when you play with fire, getting burned is just a chance you take.
I'm running out of time, there's no room for mistakes.
You can use this as you will, but I won't cross my fingers yet.
Wishful thinking lets you down, when what you see is what you get.
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
What made you think you know it all?
You told me that I would fall,
But I'm the one who's standing tall.
I'll give my all
'Cause it's exactly where I'm supposed to be
And not a single f****** one of you will take this from me.

You can think whatever helps you sleep,
But in reality it's obvious that you're in way too deep.
This is exactly where I'm meant to be.
There's not a chance in hell that you can take this from me!
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