Brand New '88' Lyrics

Morrning son i don't know who you are
But you must be tired of using your daddys car
Well you gotta go soon, I know it pretty late
Now how about driving this brand new 88.
Well i swallowed that car right round every bar,
Woooh! Man,this won't need a screwdriver
And if you drive that Chevy,You better not make me wait,
Well roll on me brand new 88

Well if you wanna be kissed
You know your to good to miss
Try to get plenty of babes in your brand new 88.

Well you can slide right on at the local
high-school bar
Where the cats go jumpin down in Union hall
Well i picked you up and know it won't be late
When i come round in my brand new 88.
with the sun-top down "n" radio playing a beat
Well thats good when the girls are on the seat
She's turning mighty hell day to day
so i stop right here in the brand new 88.
And a guy can pickup any around
with the girls all over the town
so make your motorcycle move out the way
Wooo! get back in it just back there to stay

The girls got in and shouted "hey there boys"
Wooo! Appears she musta made one of those toys,
with the motor runningon the highway too late
we'll wind up cruising my brand new 88.
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